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Asking the Goddess: How Divination Became a Tool in the Search for Liberation in Premodern Asia

Georgi Krastev


The Four Yoga Stages in the light of the lCe btsun snying thig and dGongs pa zang thal in the Lam bzang ye shes snying po by A 'dzom 'drug pa 'gro 'dul dpa' bo rdo rje (1842-1924)

Jan Dolensky


Controversies about the Buddhist Path to Liberation across India, China and Tibet: Kamalaśīla's Vajracchedikāṭīkā and the Bsam yas Debate

Yan Ma


Die religiöse Bedeutung von Bergen im tibetischen Kulturbereich: Konzepte – Kulte – Gottheiten (vorläufiger Arbeitstitel)

Susanne Fleischmann


Translating White Space. Knowledge production in early colonial Northeast India

Jan Seifert


Conflicting Accounts of Perception in the South Asian Buddhist Epistemological Tradition: The Case of Dharmakīrti's Pramāṇavārttika

A. Calahan Morse


Yang dgon pa's Mountain Dharma, the Source of All Qualities: A study of Yang dgon pa Rgyal mtshan dpal's Ri chos yon tan kun 'byung

David Teasdale


Edition and translation of the Mi zad pa’i gter mdzod yongs su gang ba’i glu zhes bya ba gnyug ma’i de nyid rab tu ston pa’i rgya cher bshad pa

Lorena Longobardi


Domestic Tourism in Nepal: An Ethnographic Study

Prem Chhetri

22.08.2018 00:00

God, Religion and Religious Practice in the Āgamapariccheda of the Nyāyabhūṣaṇa

Rafał Kłeczek

21.06.2018 00:00

The Beginning of the Vaiśeṣika(sūtra): A Study of the Traditional Conceptualizations of the Origin of the Vaiśeṣika Tradition and of the Interpretations of the Initial Sūtra-s in the Vaiśeṣikasūtra

Ge Ge


The Sacred Geography of Yolmo Gangra

Zsoka Gelle


Die Welten indischer Asketen und abendländischer Religiosen: normative Strukturen und ihre textlichen Darstellungen

Edgar Leitan


The Jonang Teaching and Practice. Present State of a Tradition

Filippo Brambilla


In the Clear Light of Emptiness: An Introduction to the Doctrine of Luminosity in the Mahāmudrā Tradition

Casey Alexandra Kemp


Erkenntnismittel und Erkenntnisergebnis bei Jinendrabuddhi

Eun-Yee Choi