Informations for beginners

You can begin your B.A. studies either in winter or summer term, but we highly recommend starting the in the winter term. The curriculum is adapted to a start in winter term. If you begin your studies in summer term, it is not possible to finish the curriculum in 6 semesters.

↗︎  Information on initial admission

↓   Starting in the winter term (recommended)

↓   Starting in the summer term

Programme Pathway

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Starting in the winter term (recommended)

The website "Teaching Affairs and Student Services" provides general information about admission, deadlines, and registration for the "introductory and and orientation period" (STEOP).

↗︎   Website "Teaching Affairs and Student Services"

Once you have completed your admission to the University of Vienna and the registration for our field of studies, your first semester consists of:

  1. the STEOP
  2. the first language course of your choice


The so-called "introductory and orientation period" (STEOP) will provide an introductory overview of our B.A. study program.

It consists of three introductory lectures

  • Introduction to pre-modern South Asian Studies
  • Introduction to Tibetan and Buddhist Studies
  • Introduction to modern South Asian Studies

You will find the class schedule in u:find. For the first time in the winter term 2019, it will be necessary to register also for these lectures of type "VO" ("Vorlesung"). You can register at any time during the winter term. Please note that an additional registration for the chosen date of the exam is required.

Attendance is not compulsory; we highly recommend to participate, though. We also recommend to attend the tutorial for each of the 3 lecture courses.

The STEOP lecture courses take place until the start of the Christmas holidays. In January, March and June, the examination period starts. We recommend taking the very first dates in January. Only this way will you be able to continue your studies without delay.

You are not allowed to attend any other courses as long as you haven't completed your three STEOP lecture courses, with one exception: Your first chosen language. Completion of your first language is also only possible, though, when you have completed the STEOP courses.

If you fail a STEOP exam, you will have 2 more appearances + as last possibility a 4th appearance before a board of examiners. If you also fail here, your admission expires. However, a new admission is possible. Please read our info sheet.

2. First language

The language course chosen as your first language module is the only course you are allowed to attend while you haven't yet finished your STEOP courses. However, the language course can only be assessed once you have assessed all three STEOP courses, though.

You can choose your first language from

  • classical Sanskrit
  • classical Tibetan
  • modern South Asian language (Hindi and Nepali are offered alternately)

The course consists of two parts in the first semester: An introduction to the language of lecture type "VO+UE", plus "additional practice" (course type "UE"). You cannot attend one without the other. Together, both parts will be 6 hours per week per semester.

Please note that it is necessary to register via u:space for both of the mentioned parts separatedly. The maximum number of students is 24. Make sure to register early, at the beginning of September.

Starting in summer term (NOT recommended!)

If you choose to take up your studies in summer term - contrary to our recommendation - please note the following:


  • You will have to complete the exams of the STEOP courses as soon as possible, that is in March. The corresponding courses do not take place in summer term, therefore you will have to study the necessary materials on your own. Please contact the teacher of the courses of the previous winter term to get the documents.
  • According to our curriculum, you should attend your first language course in your first semester. In summer term, though, only the advanced courses are offered. You will have to wait for winter term to undertake your first language course.
  • After completing the STEOP, you can attend courses of modules 3, 4 and 5. These are proseminars, which means they are continuously assessed, and registration is required. The registration period will probably already be over. Please contact the teacher of the course and explain your situation. With their consent, you can attend the PS while preparing for your STEOP exams, and, after positive completion of the STEOP, can have yourself registered manually for modules 3, 4, 5 .

Further informations

Here are some websites which might help you to gather further informations:


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The following websites provide information on funding of your studies:

↗︎   Studienpräses of the University of Vienna: scholarships, grants

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