Course directory

Welcome to the summer term 2021!

Each semester, you will find a diversified range of course offerings, given by our staff members as well as external lecturers.

Like the last two semesters, the summer semester 2021 will also be special in view of the necessary Covid 19 preventive measures. Furthermore, most of the teaching and also the exams will be held digitally. Your course instructor should provide information about the type of teaching in u:find. If you have any questions, please contact the course instructors. 

Despite the adverse circumstances, we wish you a pleasant and successful semester!


You will find informations on all courses in u:space (if you are registered) and u:find (also for unregistered users). You can also browse our list of staff and find out who teaches which course. Below, you will find links and hints on how to find the courses appropriate for you.

We still publish a course directory in PDF format wherein you can find all courses offered by the ISTB and information about them. You can also order this in a printed version - just write us an e-mail asking for a printed copy, and it will soon thereafter be available to pick up at the secretariat for € 2,50. Please note, though, that we do not update the PDF version if changes occur.

Course directory in PDF format