Rethinking the Tibetan Treasure Tradition

27.04.2018 15:15 - 16:45

Robert Mayer | University Research Lecturer in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, The Oriental Institute, Oxford / Research Fellow, RUB, Bochum


To what extent can we reliably understand the origins of the gter ma tradition from its own internal evidence, from narratives contained within gter ma texts themselves? If these might be doubtful, are any viable external sources of evidence available? I will begin this talk by re-assessing the value of O rgyan gling pa’s rGyal po bka'i thang yig as a source for understanding the origins of gter ma in Tibet, after which I will introduce alternative historical approaches and sources that might yield alternative understandings.

Institut für Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde
Seminarraum 1 des Instituts für Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde