The Life and Deeds of mNga' ris Paṇ chen dbang rgyal According to His Biography by Rig 'dzin Padma 'phrin las

01.01.2021 - 12.06.2021

Alexandra Sukhanova

Betreuung: Klaus-Dieter Mathes

The main subject of this thesis is the figure of mNga' ris Paṇ chen Padma dbang rgyal rdo rje Grags pa rgyal mtshan (1487–1542). The recent scholarship has primarily dealt with mNga' ris Paṇ chen’s position in the terma (gter ma) transmission lineage of the Northern Treasures (Byang gter). The primary Tibetan sources on this figure are relatively scarce. With the hope to fill some gaps in knowledge on this remarkable spiritual master from the 16th-century Mustang, the thesis provides a full translation of the latter’s hagiography composed in the second half of the 17th century by Rig 'dzin Padma 'phrin las (1641–1718). The thesis includes an edition of this hagiography, describes the framework of its composition and an gives the analysis of Rig 'dzin Padma 'phrin las’s possible motives behind writing the biography of mNga' ris Paṇ chen Padma dbang rgyal. In addition, one chapter is dedicated to the description of mNga' ris Paṇ chen’s birthplace and the landmarks associated with him in the Marang valley of modern Mustang.