The Impact of Social Media on India-Pakistan Relations


Perkha Traxl

  • Betreuung: Martin Gaenszle

Over the last decade, social media has changed the way countries and individuals interact with and among each other, including during times of conflict. However, studies on the topic have largely focused on social media activity by anti-government and militant groups. Moreover, there has not been an in-depth study dedicated to how social media has impacted a conflict between two sovereign countries, like India and Pakistan. For my doctoral research, I intend to analyze how activity on social media has impacted recent relations between India and Pakistan, using the 2019 military standoff in Kashmir as a case study. While the 2019 standoff was not the first time the two countries came to head, the conflict was unique for the active role social media played in riling up emotions on both sides and for relaying information (and misinformation) about the conflict, as well as possibly influencing decisions on the ground.