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Degree Programs

The undergraduate and graduate programs at the ISTB are renowned nationally and internationally for their excellence.

The B.A. program in Languages und Cultures of South Asia and Tibet has wide array of courses dealing with the languages, literature, philosophies and religions, cultures and societies, and history and art of South Asia and Tibet, and provides the opportunity for both broad and specialized scholarly study of the region. The ISTB offers language courses in classical Sanskrit and classical Tibetan, modern Tibetan, Old and Middle Indic, Hindi, Nepali and further relevant languages of the cultural area. Students in the B.A. program are expected to acquire fundamental competence in two or more selected languages. Module paths within the B.A. program lead to the graduate programs.

Related courses in other disciplines, such as cultural anthropology, history, religious studies, art history and philosophy also constitute an important part of the third year of the program.


At the graduate level, the ISTB offers both the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. M.A. work can be undertaken in the areas of 1) Culture and Society of Modern South Asia, 2) Languages and Cultures of South Asia, 3) Tibetology and Buddhist Studies.

The interdisciplinary M.A. program in Culture and Society in Modern South Asia deals with the variety of cultures, regions, languages, and societies in modern South Asia, as well as with the historical developments that have influenced it since the beginning of the modern period.

The M.A. program in Languages and Cultures of South Asia deals with the linguistic, literary, philosophical and religious traditions of South Asia in its more than 3,000 years of history.

The M.A. program in Tibetology and Buddhist Studies researches the cultural and social developments in Tibet and its premodern conditions on a philological basis, including the research areas of history of philosophy, history of religion, history, literary history, cultural and social anthropology, and history of arts. Furthermore, the program deals with cultural and social developments traditions of Buddhism past and present.

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